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Alex L.

Lakeland, Florida

Always a pleasure. Good conversation, good prices, and very very comfortable. Not mention, great cuts every time. Definitely the guy to go to for all your barbershop needs!

Stephanie M.

Eagle lake, Florida

Skully is awesome and my son loves him! The bus is really cool as well.

Anthony R.

Polk City, Florida

Been getting my hair cut by him for over two years now. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my hair. Always gives me just what I asked for.

Erich O.

Lakeland, Florida

Solid haircut and a solid dude. Super convenient and very flexible with scheduling.

Luke K.

Polk City, Florida

Sitting on my porch one day thinking "maybe I'll text Skully and see about a haircut." 2 minutes before he pulls into my front yard "What's up, man? Need a cut?" This guy is hungry for business, and he's ready to back up that hunger. Professional cuts on house call. Now I just gotta get a local pizza place reading my mind like that. Haha

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Our Story:

A tank of gas, and a dream

Skully has been a master barber for several years. He specializes in men's cuts and styles. Tired of the daily grind of hoping for clients, Skully decided to go out and make things happen. He began doing house calls and offering his services to a wide range of clients. In 2015, wanting to provide the best experience for his clients that he could, he saw mobile salons being done in other states. It was at that point that he decided to open one of his own. With a tank of gas and a dream, he created Florida's first, and so far only, mobile barber salon.